Frisco TX

Frisco TX has become one of the most popular destinations for families to live.

According to Top Ten Real Estate Deals , “Frisco is a city that has experienced a recent explosion of growth and redevelopment. A prime example of this trend can be seen at The Star in Frisco, a 91-acre campus that serves as the Dallas Cowboys new world headquarters and features a 12,000 seat stadium, event center, hotel, shopping area and medical facility.”  This shows us how there are many new things being built making this place more fun for kids.

In addition to the Dallas Cowboys training center, Frisco TX offers so much more including beautiful family friendly neighborhoods with great schools. Here are some other reasons why people love living in Frisco.

The success of the Dallas Cowboys has helped to boost Frisco’s economy. Because of the new headquarters, visitors flock to this city for special events held at The Star in Frisco. One of these major events was a concert by Taylor Swift which brought many people from around Texas and even other states.

There are also many churches in Frisco. While the city is known for being one of the best places to live, it’s also known as “the city with a heart.” It has been ranked by Money Magazine an eighth on their list of Best Places to Live . Many people believe that the number one reason Frisco has become such a popular place to live is because of its caring community and wide variety of activities.